About Us

Hi, I’m Stella and next to me in the picture is my husband, Jeff!

Thank you for dropping by HoneyAndLove.com and I hope you’ll find the tips that I share with you on this site to be useful in helping you find your lover, save or maintain your relationship.

Both of us live in Singapore and we’re a loving couple, having been married for 20 years (as of the time of writing this page), with an additional 12 years of dating before that! That’s the main reason why we feel that we are definitely the best people to give you some advice on building great relationship with your partner!

I met my husband in high school when we were still in our teenage years. After close to 12 years of courtship, we finally tied the knot in Dec 1999.

We have an adorable pair of twins (a boy and a girl) and they will be turning 12 years old this year. Yes, we had many years of ‘honeymoon’ when there were just the 2 of us! 🙂 Since both of us love children, having a pair of twins is the best gift we could wish for!

Of course, our life is not smooth-sailing all the time! We had our fair share of ups and downs too, but we’ve always been able to resolve all differences between us. We believe that as long as we both love each other and we stay positive throughout all troubles, we can resolve any problem together.

Besides, it’s also important that our children should grow up in a happy family!

On the other hand, we’ve seen many couples struggle to stay together and so we’ve decided that we should share our experiences and love advice with the rest of the world! Hopefully, this will help more couples to rekindle their love.

As such, we’ve set up HoneyAndLove.com to help you overcome problems and make your relationship last, just like what couples say on the wedding day, “Till death do us part!…”.

You’re most welcome to visit our website where you can read articles, reports, listen to podcasts and watch videos to keep you motivated and inspired as you strive towards a life together. We will be adding more content on relationship advice regularly to help members learn, so do drop by often. 🙂

If you need to contact us, just drop us an email at admin@honeyandlove.com or leave your comment at the end of any of the posts.

To your happiness!

Stella & Jeff 🙂