Affirmation: I Am A Magnet For Meaningful Relationships

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​Affirmations are very powerful and if you say it to yourself everyday, you’re telling your mind to believe in it and over time, it will become true for you.Below is a love affirmation that you can read to yourself each day…

​People are attracted to me because I am a strong and independent individual with a healthy self-esteem. When I am comfortable with the person I am, I allow others to feel at ease around me.I have realistic expectations of my friends and myself. I accept others just the way they are, without judgment. In order to have meaningful friendships, I must first be a good friend myself. Then, in return, others respect me and accept me for who I am.My positive attitude makes me a pleasure to be around. I guard my speech to ensure that it is free from judgment and negativity, and full of laughter. Time spent with me is refreshing and peaceful.My friends talk to me about things of substance because they know I am trustworthy. I treat my relationships like a flower, nurturing them and giving them time to blossom.I cultivate my friendships by seeking out my friends through phone calls and invitations to connect. Spending quality time together draws us closer and reaffirms our bonds.I deserve to have meaningful relationships and enjoy the company of others. My friends and I need each other to share gifts and talents that are unique to each one of us. Meaningful relationships are a balance of give and take.Today, I chose to strengthen my relationships by wrapping myself in positivity and practicing acceptance. I am confident in the person I am and I attract others by expressing my true heart.

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​Self-Reflection Questions:

​1. Do I have realistic expectations of others and myself?2. What can I do to seek out new friends or reconnect with old pals?3. Who is one of my most meaningful friends?

​Hope you’ve found this to be useful!To your happiness!Stella 😉

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Hi, welcome to! In the picture, you see my husband, Jeff and myself (Stella). We have been married for over 20 years and I wish to share my experience of how we're able to maintain our love for over 30 years (including our dating days). I'm a mum and my passion is to help other married women nurture a loving marriage as well as build their confidence through self care and self love. You can find out more about us here.
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