Love Letter: My Precious Love

​Here’s another love letter that I’ve prepared for you and you can use it to surprise your lover anytime you feel like it…Although you can simply print out the love letter below, my suggestion is that you copy it out on a beautifully designed card or paper. It actually shows your love and sincerity when you give your loved one a handwritten piece of letter instead of a printed copy.Also, you could change out some wordings to suit your situation, for instance, in the last paragraph, I mentioned “On this Valentine’s Day…”. If you’re not giving this to your lover on Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to switch that out with “On this Wedding Anniversary…” or simply “On this day…” to fit the occasion.Hope you find it useful!To your happiness!Stella 😉

About Stella

Hi, welcome to! In the picture, you see my husband, Jeff and myself (Stella). We have been married for over 20 years and I wish to share my experience of how we're able to maintain our love for over 30 years (including our dating days). I'm a mum and my passion is to help other married women nurture a loving marriage as well as build their confidence through self care and self love. You can find out more about us here.
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