6 Tips To Help You Build the Gap and Rebuild Intimacy in Your Marriage

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​You feel your relationship is suffering a little and you think both of you aren’t on the same wavelength anymore.You think the ​marriage is worth saving, but you don’t know how to bridge the gap between you both to rebuild the intimacy you desire.Does this scenario sounds like your relationship?If you feel the relationship is worth saving and worth the effort to get it to grow, there are some things you can do in order to heal the wounds and move forward together as a strong couple.Here are 6 tips you can start applying in your relationship starting from today…

1. Talk things out with each other.

​Always let your partner know what your feelings are, what you want out of life and things you would like to do. You have to remember that he can’t read your mind and will need you to tell him what you want.If he doesn’t know, how is he going to give you what you need in the relationship?Don’t expect him to guess what you want, because that’ll only add on to your misery and it’ll not bring you both closer. In the long run, it may even cause your relationship to turn sour.

2. Be open and honest.

​Don’t waste time and effort trying to play mind games with your partner. You can’t expect him to read between the lines and know that when you say, “I’m fine,” it really means you’re fuming inside.The longer you take to get the truth to the surface, the longer it will be until you’re in a truly happy ​marriage.

3. Trust one another.

​Trust is what makes a relationship grow into a healthy one and allows intimacy to come into play. Without trust, a relationship will only continue on a destructive path and prevent true intimacy from becoming a part of your partnership.

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4. Spend some “we” time together as a couple.

​By this, I mean time without your family and friends tagging along with you. In order for a relationship to flourish, it needs you to spend a little time with each other – basically getting to know one another – and what your likes and dislikes are.When you feel you know your partner well enough, intimacy will come much easier when others aren’t trying to get in your way. And don’t think that just because you’ve known your partner for 15 years, then you still know what it is he likes and don’t like – people change over time and so do their preferences.

​5. Go on a romantic trip together.

​Pick a spot that you can have some fun together while getting to know your lover a little more. A trip can help eliminate stress in a relationship and allows you to be more yourself with your partner.You can be more relaxed with him, which breaks down the walls and allows intimacy to come through. Also, couples who took vacations reported a happier marriage overall than those who hadn’t been on a trip together in the last six years.

​6. Be flexible with each other.

​You’ll need a little give and take in your relationship. If you expect your partner to go to a play with you when they’re not interested in the activity, then you should be willing to do something with him that you’re not interested in. Give and take is an excellent way to build intimacy in your ​marriage.

​What’s Next…

​Building intimacy doesn’t have to be that hard to do. As long as both partners work to bridge the gap, they can build a healthy relationship that could involve a healthy level of closeness and compatibility.Even if your partner does not seem to be putting in any effort to improve the relationship, you can always make the first move. Pick one of the tips above to try out and over time, he’ll reciprocate.To your happiness!Stella 🙂

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